Colleen Richardson-Richey

Colleen Richardson-Richey

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What is a 911 Address?

It is your physical address where you live

Why do I need a 911 Address?

Any structure that is occupied, even campers and weekend homes must have a 911 address posted. This is for emergencies, whether you’re there or not, it may be a medical emergency or a wreck in front of your house. Emergency responders look for the address to quicken their response time. Every second counts!

How do I get my address?

If you need a new address for a new structure, it’s best to go to the Assessor's office and bring any map you may have for the most accurate location of your driveway. If you’re out of state or too far to drive to the office, we can sometimes get it figured out over the phone if you have good information about the location or a close neighbors name or address.

If you’re moving into a house that already has an address, even though you know what the address is, you need to call the Assessor's office to update your information to ensure your safety.

How do I update my address?

Call or come by our office. To ensure correct public records and to make sure 911 dispatchers have the correct information in case of an emergency you need to notify us each time you move or sell property.